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Alchemy on towels Hi! My name is Alchemy, and this is my corner of the internet. First, let me tell you how I got my name. When I was just a kitten, I did some time behind bars at a local animal shelter. I must admit, I was a wild uncontrollable ball of claw and fur, you know the type, pounce first, sniff later. The other kittens in the holding cell were a little afraid of me, but if you must know, I was all bluff, I was, sad to say, a real scaredy cat. It soon became obvious that the only way out of there was to attract the attention of those strange creatures that I now know as humans. Of course, I had no desire to do that, truth be known, those hairless monsters nearly frightened my whiskers off with their loud booming squawks and their rough handling of us. I was determined to let the other kittens have them. I hissed and scratched at any hand that came near me and was left alone. After all, who wants a hissing scratching kitten who's fur is the color of lead when all around were bright colored, bouncy, purring kittens? Well, someone did. One person ignored my hisses and scratches and picked me up. She looked at my gray (good for hiding in shadows) fur, then looked deeply into my golden eyes and whispered for only me to hear "Lead to gold, you are truly Alchemy, we are one and the same." I knew then that we belonged to each other. We both have a tendency to pounce first and sniff later, hiss at the world when frightened, and scratch when cornered. Though she didn't know it when she named me, underneath my gray coloring was a golden tan coloring that appeared as I grew older, so I do truly live up to my name.

Alchemy looking for trouble Callie (trouble) Here are some other interesting facts about me: I can turn doorknobs. I like spaghettios. I don't have any tomcat's I'm interested in, since I am spayed, but the family muttly has a crush on me. I like to make a wild dash across the table every night at dinner time. I refuse to walk on a leash and I do not like car rides! I love to be brushed, but not bathed. I once caught seven mice in one night even though I am declawed. I love annoying Callie, the other cat who lives with us. I am about four years old now. I am more afraid of cats than I am of dogs (I once strolled right up to a great dane in the vets office, luckily the great dane liked cats). I do not scare as easily as I used too, but I still growl when someone knocks on the door.

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