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    In 2001 I had the honor of being a team captain for the Reston Relay for Life, which benefits the American Cancer Society. At the Relay, each team (8 to 15 people per team) pledges to have at least one person walking at all times during the 19 hour event. The purpose of Relay for Life is not only to raise money for ACS, but to honor cancer survivors and remember those who didn't make it. The whole event filled me with both despair and hope, it's a mighty big monster we're fighting. All I know is that I will be out there next year, fighting again.

  • "Dear Friends" Team Members:

    • Heidi Foster (me)
    • Eric Carlson
    • Al Carlson (a survivor)
    • Eddi Carlson
    • Lynette Fullerton
    • Sherie Boles
    • Jeanne Swan
    • Sandy Argall
    • Al Colvill
    • Beth Porter
    • A special thanks goes to Barbara
      Cowan, Doris Argall, and Hobbes.
    Dinner time

    Mmmm, burnt veggie burgers!

    Beth and her mattress

    The first laugh of the day came when Beth set up her tent and inflated her airmattress and found out that size does matter.

    Sherie The biggest laugh of the day came when Sherie gave us a bag of bagels that turned out to actually be feminine hygiene products. We'll never forget those bagels!

    Eric on one of his many walks.

    Eric's parents

    Eric's parents (center) during the survivor lap.

    Al and Doris

    Sandy's mom, Doris, enjoying watching Al beat himself up with the paddle ball.

    Jeanne Jeanne, bruised and sore from a recent car accident, still did her share of walking.

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